Life of Harley James Holwick

birth 3-27-26/death 1-10-16

My great grandpa was born on March,27,1926. Around when he was born route 66 was constructed and Germany joined the league of nations. I thought he was nice and I enjoyed spending time with him.
Harley was in world war ll he was a solder then he got promoted into a general and then he led an attack in afghanistan to save the orphans. when he retired to the world war 2 he moved to the Ozarks and took my great grandma wherever she wanted. One time he went to the mall and he he went from store to store my great grandma, my mom,and aunt.
Harley died January 10 2016 from heart failure. He was honored at his funeral with an American flag on his casket. There was also a gun salute and taps played at his burial.