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During conflict, children and young people’s rights are violated on a massive scale; their rights to be protected from violence, abuse and neglect, to live in dignity and be supported to develop to their full potential.


Interview: Tanveer

Interviewer: Hi tanveer how are you today?
Tanveer: good thanks
Interviewer: If you don't mind i would like to ask you a few questions today tanveer, it would help myself and many other people.
Tanveer: Well ok...
Interviewer: so let's get started, do you like where you live? how you live? and who you live with?
Tanveer: well my sister Shahana works very hard to keep us a house and as long as im with her i know that i'll be fine and we don't really get to choice where we live, because the big men on the bridge control that.
Interviewer: It seems you love your sister very much; do you rely on her to help with everything?
Tanveer: I try to help her whenever i can, i am learning how to sow so that i can make her work a lot easier and then we can get make more money by selling more stuff to Mr. Nadir.
Interviewer: so you do business with this man Mr. Nadir, do you two earn much money.
Tanveer: I think we earn enough money for food, to pay for our home and to buy the things we need, but after the big men on the bridge had a big fight shahana has had to work more and i think we have less money because latley we haven't been eating as much; sometimes i get really hungry but i try not to complain because i know that shahana is too.
Interviewer: And these big men on the bridge that you talk about, do you know what their job is, do you like them?
Tanveer: I don't hate them for what they did to my dad, because that would be disrespectful to him, instead i think about every day he was with me and my sister and not the days he is without, but i don't really think the big men are nice people they seem to be fighting all the time with the people on the opposite side of the bridge and a lot of people die because of them, my dad was just one of the unlucky ones; im not sure he enjoyed being alive; after my mum and brother died he changed a lot and didnt seem to be himslef anymore.
You and your sister must be very stong people to stick together like this in such hard times. You are very lucky to have a girl like her.
I love my sister very much and yes i am lucky to have her as my big sis.
Interviewer: Well i think we'll wrap it up there, thankyou very much for talking with me today, i hope i see you again soon.
Tanveer: That's alright i enjoyed seeing someone different in the village.
The impact of war on children | Syrian Refugee Crisis

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