Why do people want to join gangs?

About Me.

Name: Sonia Romero

From: Kansas City, KS

Hi, I am a sophomore at FL Schlagle High School. I will be doing my blog on gangs.

Why did i choose this topic?

Question: Why do people join gangs?

Who: I wanted to know why do people join gangs and then some want out.

What: I've seen and heard of gangs more as family but when you get into it why do they want out.

When: I was speaking to my friend and he was telling me how he was in a gang.

Where: To be honest gangs are really everywhere. They been around for a long time.

Why: In my opinion its to control.

What i knew before research.

Who: Gangs where like family. They targeted people who try to fit in.

what: Gangs where like protection

when: Gangs been around since forever to be honest. Gangs are just like armies

where: The main place for gangs was LA & Prisons. But there still everywhere.

why: When people don't really have anyone they go to the streets.

Down Below are graph created by my english class doing a survey.

What did i learn?

who: I learned people had to pay taxes for being in the gangs.

what: I learned how some of the organizations are leveled different

when: A lot of the gangs where originated in prisons are current places

where: Gangs travel a lot and quick and its not super easy to get in.

why: You snitch in anyway you die. You betray anyone you die. Stupidity you die. Its extremely easy to die. But they have to ask permission first.

how: To ask permission your request goes up the ranks.

My process

My process was watching many episode of gangland and asking around to people i knew that where pretty deep inside gang life.


I do not want to join a gang no more. I don't want someone to put the green light on me.(green light- Someone saying its ok to kill that person.) I do not want to die just to get out of a gang