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Cleansing the environments you live in

Cleansing the enviroments you live in

Spring cleaning has been a ritual for decades in our family and chances are for you as well. Especially after being closed inside during a long hard winter it feels great to open the windows, let fresh air fill the house and clean every nook and cranny in our homes.

Spring cleaning doesn’t just make sense for our homes. Our bodies need it as well. With all the toxins we’ve inhaled, eaten or even absorbed through our skin during the winter months, it makes perfect sense to cleanse our bodies as well.

Learn from Rose Ann Linkens, Internationally Certified Aromatherapist, how essential oils can provide detoxifying cleaning properties to support your family's wellness. Patrick Kirkham will discuss ways to safely and gently rid our bodies of some of these toxins.

Natural Alliance Wellness Seminar

Tuesday, April 22nd, 6-8:30pm

Farm & Home Center, 1383 Arcadia Road, Lancaster 17603

The wellness seminars are always FREE! Please bring 2 cans of healthy, non-perishable food to help replenish the Lancaster Food Banks. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Essential Oils for cleaning

Cleaning and personal care products can provide the largest number of toxins in products you use on a regular basis. Join us to learn how to use essential oils to clean your home and your skin. Rose Ann Linkens, Internationally Certified Aromatherapist and Esthetician will share how essential oils can become your choice for cleaning and personal care products. To learn more about Rose Ann Linkens and how she serves others visit Restoration Spa.

A simple & effective way to detoxify

Learning how to detoxify the body begins with the understanding of how our environment affects our well-being. Whether it be the food we eat, the water we drink or the air we breathe, detoxifying can be like breathing a breath of fresh air. Come and learn how important proper cleansing is to your well-being. To learn more about Patrick Kirkham, founder and president of Natural Alliance and how he serves others visit Natural Alliance.

Meeting Details

6:00 pm -- 6:30 pm Shop with our vendors
6:30 pm -- 7:15 pm Rose Ann Linkens Restoration Spa
7:15 pm -- 7:45 pm Shop with our vendors
7:45 pm -- 8:30 pm Patrick Kirkham Natural Alliance

Help us, help others

Every time a person is helped with a hand up, hope is inspired in their lives. For many, it may be a fresh start in knowing that someone cares enough to help. Our burning desire about serving others. Let's do it together!

Join us in serving others by bringing two cans of healthy, non-perishable food to donate to our local food bank to help others in need. Your support will help us, help others to pay it forward in our local community.

About Natural Alliance

Creators of the Natural Alliance Wellness Seminars, for the past 19 years, Patrick and Lori Kirkham's passion has been helping others make informed choices on their wellness journey. By connecting healthcare practitioners, businesses, organizations, and research with those they serve, they advocate that knowledge can become your strongest advocate to wellness.