Spitzer Space Telescope

Ben Murphy and Andrew Nolan

Reason to vote for us

Vote for us because the discovery and information on the infinity around us is our top priority. Efficiency is key to getting info fast and accurately, and we believe that the Spitzer Space Telescope is just what we need to produce that fast and accurate data that we strive to collect.


The Spitzer Space Telescope is one of NASA's current space projects, it also known as SIRTF. It was launched into space in august 2003 to study our solar system. This specific telescope uses infrared technology to measure weak signals from space and turn them into usable data. The Spitzer Space Telescope uses a solar panel assembly that uses 2 solar panels which each have 392 solar cells, this is used to power all of the electrical components and communications technology on the telescope. It uses liquid helium to stay cold in space. The Spitzer Space Telescope will cost 720 mIllion USD to buy , which is more than enough to build a new sports stadium. Some of the instruments include an infrared array camera, infrared spectrograph, and a multiband imaging photometer.

Orbit and info

The spitzer space telescope trails behind the earth as the earth orbits the sun, I is currently 353 miles away from the earth. The only thing the spitzer space telescope is used for is to study patterns of our solar system. it was the first to detect light from the planet outside our solar system. and it also discovered the largest ring around Saturn and discovered carbon molecules for the first time and generated the largest and most detailed infrared portrait of the milky way. There are not really any questions that are being asked, the spitzer space telescope is used for basic information on the patterns and details of our solar system. some of the instruments include. Questions answered include how orbit effects space and what orbit really does to the surface of planets and stars.