Hero; Inventor, Samaritan

By: Amanda Barry

How many people can say they invented machinery that the government wanted? Daryl Barry and his partner got to negotiate with the government. Both men got to experience what real inventors and entrepreneurs deal with. From creating the prototype, to patenting it to dealing with investors, these incredible men embark on a long journey that’s worth the wait. It did not start out this way though. It took many more years of hard work and time to build the intelligence to create this. Please listen to Daryl Barry as he shares his journey, that reveals to seem rough, about his odyssey.

Words of Wisdom

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.

-Mother Teresa

A True Hero

Heroes are people who are admired for braveness, perseverance, and selflessness. In her book, she explains that whenever she was criticized, she responded to the harshness with passion, love, and candor. This supports how brave she was to write that down and contributes to her being a sophisticated and complicated seeker. Mother Teresa is such a good role model that she got a Memorial International Award named after her. Working in orphanages is a key reason why she's the awards namesake. Mother Teresa exceeds the traits of a real hero through her passion for helping people and her braveness in confronting opposing viewpoints.

The Inside of the Word Hero

Heroes are people who are admired for great, brave acts, or fine qualities. The first image of a hero that pops into someone's head is 'The Man of Steel' or ‘The Incredible Hulk’. Yet, hero is a concept that can not be simplified as superman. A hero is someone building houses for less fortunate. A hero is someone who does beneficial things, that do not mean much at the time, but makes a prodigious difference. Everyone has their own ideas of what makes someone a hero, so here are some examples of my definition.



Audacious, Considerate

No personal gain

Does it out of their heart


Legalization of Marijuana

In 2005, there were 242,200 emergency room visits in the United States involving recreational marijuana. There are currently 1,658,370 people who could use it for medical reasons such as cancer. Recreational users abuse the drug whereas medical users take it to treat illness or even stay alive. Although there are some negative consequences of legalizing marijuana, the benefits outweigh the costs.

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