Marked And Brought In

Birthmarked, Caragh O'Brien


“Birthmarked” by Caragh M. O’Brien is a fascinating sci-fi about a powerful heroine, Gaia Stone, who stands up to the members of the Enclave to save her parents. The Enclave is where babies are delivered. The odd thing about this is that only 3 out of all the newborns are delivered each month. However, readers do not find out why this happens in this book. Reading the next two books will most likely reveal the answer. On this thrilling adventure, Gaia must go against the Enclave to save her parents who have been questioned by the police. Along the way, she gets arrested and put in jail until she meets Captain Grey, or so called, Leon. Leon helps her escape jail so she can save her mother and father. Though, she doesn't know that her dad had already tried to escape and later, died. Near the end, Gaia's mom bled to death while giving birth. She had sacrificed her life for the baby to live.

Why- Rascal Flatts

This song connects to "Birthmarked" by Caragh M. O'Brien because it is about death. As stated in the book, both of Gaia's parents unfortunately died. In the middle of the book, Gaia's dad had tried to escape from jail but was shot. Gaia's mom died while giving birth to a baby, she bled to death and sacrificed her life for the baby to live. Gaia's mom died near the end of the book whereas Gaia's dad died in the middle. The song is saying "why did you leave me?". Even though Gaia didn't feel sad when she found out her mom had died, she probably still felt a little upset. The author's message is to stay strong. You must not give up in your actions and believe that you are able to do anything. Gaia was passionate to save her parents.


Why Rascal Flatts by poke-a-head