Comerica Park

Favorite ball park to be at


Like most ball parks Comerica Park is located at the center of the states main city which is this case is Detroit Michigan. This way since thats where most people are at more people can come to the game. Another reason why is because people can live there and could walk to the park making it even more convenient. People that are fans should live in Detroit!
Detroit Tigers - Comerica Park - 2011 ALCS Game 5

What its for

This is one of the best ball parks ever and home to the MLB,s Home Detroit team the Detroit Tigers. This place is used for baseball games many times a week. For the children they also do fireworks after the game. Most park don't come near this awesome.
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Meet the Tigers

The Detroit Tigers are a spectacular team but they have one of the best players in baseball history Miguel Cabrera! But over the past few years the Tigers have had ups and downs. They got a new manager Brad Ausmus ( which a lot of people including my dad and myself think is awful ) . But they have Drafted some good prospects as well.
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My opinion

After my past experiences I would give it a 1000000000000/10 this is great. The seats are great episodically since my mom gets Penske sweets from her work. Even if they aren't sweets they are still great. Their firework are spectacular to see as well. Overall I'm very happy.
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Fun facts

Did you know Comerica Park has been around for 17 years. Also the Tigers are also sponsored by Pepsi. Did you know that Migule Cabrera has played with the tigers since 2007. Also Migule Cabrera has won Most Valuble Player Award twice.
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" They give you a round bat they throw a round ball and they tell you to hit it square."-Willie Stargile
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