Colonist journal of Mary jones

By Dillon wilkins

Religious rituals

Dear journal,

I have to tell you all about the amazing religion in the colonies! Religion is very important to the colonies. The bible fills most of our days here, just the way I like it. Sunday's are a serious affair here. You are always made to behave at church. If you don't you could be taken to New York City Hall Park. It's a big cage that keeps the bad boys who have been bad. I think the law is funny!

Marriage in the colonies

Dear journal,

Today I want to talk about what marriage is like in the colonies.

They mostly tend to be business arrangements here. Like if my father has a tobacco company and the guy I marry farms tobacco then he would work for my father. And the people here love marriage so much that it's not that weird to marry someone within weeks after divorce or death. If I live past 50 then I will probably have at least 2 spouses. Girls usually marry at 13 and the boys marry at 15. And if the girls weren't married by 25 it's a disgrace.

The boys usually work out in the field in the marriage and the girls usually taken care of the house.

Native Americans teaching and helping the colonist

Dear journal,

Today I wanted to talk about our relationships with the natives. Here, if we treat the natives with respect you get helped. Without the natives help so many things would be different. They help us put food on the table. Today they taught me how to trap fish! Tomorrows they are going to help me find wild herbs and greens. They help us so much!


Dear journal,

Today I wanted to talk about the food in the colonies. It's bit difficult to prepare but food none the less. There's always lots of it here. The whole family joins in the preparation process. It's a lot of fun! The main food here is corn. We have it almost every meal. Back during the famine colonist could survive off of only 5 kernels of corn! Here if you're rich you can get people to prepare your food for you.


Dear journal,

The families here in he colony are so nice. So today I wanted to talk about them. The families here are big. You have to have a big family here if you want a good business. There are never enough hands to help here. Men worked in the fields, barns and stories and women worked in the house and food preparation. All chores for children were nessary. If the kids don't work them the farm won't either.