The Son of Neptune

By Rick Riordan (RYE-r-don)

Review By Brodde Stanford

If you enjoy mythological characters and extraordinary places then this is the book for you. The Son of Neptune continues the adventures of Percy Jackson with Greek and Roman gods, as well as Greek and Roman demi-gods.

Have you heard of these before?

  • Neptune-Poseiden
  • Jupiter-Zeus
  • Hera-Juno
  • Gaea-Terra

The Son of Neptune is the second book in The Heroes of Olympus series. Percy Jacksons' last eight months of his life have been erased as though they didn't happen. Percy and his new friends Hazel and Frank try to get his memory back and fight a giant Alcyoneus to free Thanatos. Will Percy ever get his memory back? Will they defeat the giant? Find out in The Son of Neptune book two.