Essential Curriculum

Updates: February 2016

Secondary Task Force Meetings

February was dedicated to developing Cornerstone Tasks and rubrics. Our curriculum teams were privileged to meet with Jay McTighe on February 3rd. He presented to the Department of Instruction during the day and the Secondary Task Force in the evening, giving feedback to each group based on their current work, questions, and next steps. The teams met again on February 17th to act on his feedback. Each content team also engaged in a full day work session focused on task and rubric development. To learn more about developing performance tasks, see this resource and/or talk to your school's task force member.

Elementary "Phase 2" Task Force Meetings

On February 8th, the elementary team met to continue the work of aligning the Cornerstone Tasks to the Discipline Transfer Goals. They examined each task to determine the best alignment in order to create a PreK-12 Cornerstone Task Map. Mapping backwards from the transfer goals will provide multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate evidence towards these goals across the grade levels. The February 22 meeting was dedicated to planning sessions for the March 22 Professional Development day.

Looking Ahead...


  • Secondary: Share Cornerstone Tasks and rubrics with the Extended Task Force to vet and gather feedback
  • Elementary: Finalize Cornerstone Task Map and share updates at the March 22 Professional Learning Day