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All computer language is based in binary code and is the spine of all computer function. Binary Number means that there is a code of “1” and “0” for the computer to toggle between. A certain combination of these 1’s and 0’s creates a command that the computer itself understands. Computers are very technological but use a very simple piece of information to run everything. They comprehend all of the data that is given to make words, pictures etc. appear ! Computers move through the codes 00 and 01 at incomprehensible speeds. The human brain functions at much more rapid speeds than a computer doing other types of very complicated tasks, such as reasoning and analytical thought process. The code that a computer will read is based in ASCII strings that are standardized into strings of ones and zeroes that represent letters in the alphabet and numbers. Each Binary String is made up of 8 binary bits which may look like a bunch of obscure ones and zeros.With this type of code, 256 different possible values can be represented for the large group of symbols, letters and operating instructions that can be given to the mainframe. The first computers were analog machines that did not need electricity to function. Even so, they were able to make effective use of the earliest practical examples of the binary numeric system. The addition of electricity to their capacities and the use of primitive components like vacuum tubes allowed for the earliest generation of computers to advance rapidly in terms of applications and performance.

Coding language isn’t like the language we speak. It isn’t like English it is something many people do not understand. Coding is more like codes- special commands abbreviations and ways of arranging text.

Binary works using the numbers 1 or 0. the numbers stand for “on” or “off”

These digits will translate into any piece of technology that you use today and in the past. Binary is a base of everything. It saves lives… it runs the machines in the hospitals that keep people healthy. Technology and coding has made a substantial amount of change in society in both good and bad.

The average person spends about 8 hours and 41 minutes on their phone a day. If you walk outside in public, there is a strong chance you’ll see a group of friends on their devices being anti- social. The main effect of phones is that people don’t even realize what’s happening around you.

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By: Benjamin Bajramovic