My favorite number is...... ??????

By: Amanda Whitehead


Twenty-four x two / six + eight - four

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Prime Factorization






Everyday life

People who work at a doughnut shop, they have to put 12 doughnuts in one box, which will be a dozen. Eggs are usually a dozen eggs in one carton.

Order of operations


Historical Date

The American Civil War started on April 12, 1861


Maddy went in the store and saw that a pack of gum that had 48 pieces in it. When she bought it, her and her 3 friends shared the pack of gum. How many pieces did each person get?

About the Author

I chose this number because I am about to turn 12. I learned that the civil war first started on April 12th. I liked that you could choose your own number instead of someone else choosing it for you. I really didn't dislike anything about this project.