Friday Coffee Chat

October 30th, 2015

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!!!!

Good Morning Team! Grab your cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy this week’s Coffee Chat newsletter!

This was an amazing week for us and I can't be more proud of everything we are accomplishing together! We are styling and selling on the go, we crushed the Falsh sale, we are earning Watches, have had promotions and re-promotions, have grown our teams and welcomed new stylists, and are setting up our November to have a RECORD breaking Month!! I couldn't be more proud of all of you and more grateful that we are on this journey together!

I have a question for you, and I would love to hear from you as we will be talking about this a lot over the next few days! What is your HOLIDAY WHY? I would love to hear from you! This is the time of year where Stylists make the MOST amount of money, so dream big, book trunk shows, and watch the magic unfold and your dreams come true!

My HOLIDAY WHY is to pay for Christmas in CASH for my family for the 2nd year in a row, to pay down some debt AND to re-furnish my FAMILY ROOM! I am dreaming big because I know how much we can earn at this time of year! Please share yours with mine or on our team page as we talk about this over the next few days and into next week!! What is your Holiday WHY? Let the WHY lead you into booking up your trunk show calendar to really maximize the next 6 weeks!

Read on for details below on a BOOKING BLITZ we will be doing together this weekend to get our Holiday calendars where we want them and get trunk shows booked!!

And speaking of trunk shows, we will be styling many women tonight as we have a ton of shows on the books today! Here are some tips to make the most of your next trunk show!!

1. Go in prepared with TSEO printed out (Oct and Nov!), Dottie updated (order forms on hand incase wifi freaks out) and a great attitude!

2. Be on the LOOK OUT for your next team member=Sponsoring Goggles ON! Who loves everything sparkly? Who is asking loads of questions? Who is natural at styling? Send them home with an opportunity packet and connect with them for coffee or a phone call.

3. Share the Opportunity with your Hostess! 40% of our hostesses polled said they would have signed up but were NEVER ASKED!

4. Take your November and December CALENDAR and be ready to book it at check out! Say "so when can we get your girlfriends together for your style session?" (zip it...let her talk next)

5. ROCK IT OUT! Get the jewels OFF the trays and ON the guests!

6. Last but not least and Most importantly!! HAVE A BLAST!!!

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Personally sell $2500 PQV in October (10/1-10/31) and earn our gorgeous stone watch for FREE! Each week's earners will receive an email on how to redeem their free watch! Full details in Lounge:

Congrats to our WATCH EARNERS:

Valentia Ellis

Shannon Crookston

Kristi Reid

Sandy Jamison

Franca Pedulla

Jennifer Mergelas

We have until midnight on Saturday to earn the watch! Look at all these ladies within 1000 PQV who could seal the deal with some personal reach outs to customers.

Imagine if you offered and had 10 customers shop the NOV TSEO's this weekend - they would spend $50 and they could shop the TSEO's! Have 10 customers spending over $100 between now and end of day tomorrow and you can seal the deal! This will take personal reach out and contacting them directly - not just sharing on social media! BE Brave! You can do this!

Nadia Tersigni

Nora Garas

Joanne Dmitraiadis

Cindy Miminas

Miranda Haskett

Julie Robinson

Shannon Blumas

Annie Schoellkopf

Dawn Ronfeld

Mishka Sawka

Rachelle Mogavaro

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Welcome to the 11 New Stylists who have joined Team Trendsetters this week!

Emily Dickson - joined Kristi Reid's team

Tamara Riley - joined Natalie Van der Maaden's team

Rosanna Conteduca - joined Franca Pedulla's team

Liz Kikkert - joined Cheryl Janssen's team

Anne Marie Quennville - joined Victoria Guzzo's team

Jenn Papeo - joined April Fyne's team

Amy Graham - joined Kristi Reid's team

Sherein Youssef - joined Nora Garas' team

Nadira Stoddart - joined Serina Manek's team

Natalee Tokar Lubberts - joined Cheryl Janssen's team

Tina Di Lonardo - joined Joanne Dimitris team

Make sure you tune into the lounge and Stellaverse for New Stylist training, as well as our New Stylist Training Facebook page for all our new stylists with 7 videos from me on how to best get started with your Stella & Dot business! Also tune in to this amazing New Stylist Training and Inspiration call from Team Talk TUESDAY This week and a leader in Ontario Julie Blackwell as she shares her tips on how to have a strong and successful start to your business!

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Look how many Trendsetters have shared their #SDJOY this month and are growing their teams!

We have added 22 New Stylist to our team! Congratulations to all of you who are sharing your joy of this business, and helping others change their life by becoming Stella & Dot Stylists! Looking forward to helping all of you launch your new stylists strong this Holiday season.

We have 4 more days left of our sign up special and I know this list will only be growing! Many people wait until the last minute to sign up, or till Friday on pay day! Reach out to all of those who you have shared the sign up special with this month and let them know there is still time! Here are some Words to Say:

Hi Sabrina, I know I have shared our sign up special with you this month, I wanted to circle back as there are only a few days left to join us at this amazing time and receive an extra $100 in product credit! I think you would be an amazing stylist and I would love to have you on my team! Do you have 5 mins to chat today about how I can help you get started? xo Kristi

1. Kristi Reid 4

2. Franca Pedulla 3

3. Cheryl Janssen 2

4. Serina Manek 2

5. April Fynes 2

6. Valentina Ellis 1

7. Nora Garas 1


9. Lindsey Hutchinson 1

10. Ann Schoellkopf 1

11. Victoria Guzzo 1

12. sian spedding 1

13. Natalie Van der Maaden 1

14. Sarah Vassos 1

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I BELIEVE we are getting ready to enter the greatest 6 weeks of the year for our businesses

I BELIEVE that each and every one of you can acheive your "Holiday Why"

I BELIEVE that together we can achieve ANYTHING we want

I BELIEVE we can make women happier this season, one necklace at a time

I BELIEVE we can change some women's lives this holiday season with our incredible stylist opportunity. .....DO YOU BELIEVE?

If you aren't sure well, guess what, that is OK ... one of my absolute favorite and most memorable moments as a stylist was when I attended my first Hoopla almost 3 years ago. I had only been a stylist for a few years but had treated my business like a hobby. I had a team of 4, and I had NO IDEA that I was getting ready to embark on an incredibly journey that would lead me to all of YOU, I had no idea that this little business would impact me and my family so much, not only financially but also emotionally and through professional growth, I had no idea that I had found the dream job of my life. But I heard Jessica Herrin stand on that stage and confidently tell all of us sitting in the audience ... many of us didn't really BELIEVE that all our dreams could actually come true ... Her exact words which I will never forget were ..."I BELIEVE ENOUGH FOR THE BOTH OF US!!!"

Those words have stuck with me over the years and now, as the proudest leader of this amazing team, I can honestly and truly say to you all that ...I BELIEVE ENOUGH FOR THE BOTH OF US!!

So let's dream big this holiday season, shall we?? Let's set a big HOLIDAY WHY, shall we?
And let's BELIEVE that we can do this, as a team, as a tribe ... together we can believe! I believe so much in all of us and what we are doing and I want to share my November goal with you. As a team, WE can become a SENIOR DIRECTOR team in November. There are only 2 SR Directors in all of Ontario right now. That is right! We are one of the fastest growing and BEST global teams in all of CANADA (If I do say so myself!) and we can make history in November! I believe in this team, in each of you and in what we can accomplish and I cannot wait to help each of YOU reach your goals this Holiday season.

So that brings me to the FUN Booking Incentive that I am rolling out as we need some more trunk shows as a team to promote to a Senior Director team! We need to have over 200 team trunk shows and we already have 150 on the books!

So here is what we are going to do with OUR BELIEVE BOOKING BLITZ!!

I know ALL of you want to add more trunk shows to your November calendars and by having that full, full calendar in November, that is going to be the stepping stone to help you achieve YOUR HOLIDAY WHY!!

** Your trunk shows are where you are going to have awesome sales because of all the holiday shopping that will be going on!
** Your trunk shows are where you are going to meet amazing women who would like to gather their own friends for some fun shopping & girl time
** Your trunk shows are where you will be able to SHARE YOUR STORY and our amazing stylist opportunity and ... change someone's life this holiday season.

So.. let's go book some trunk shows!!

I BELIEVE we can add AT LEAST 50 SHOWS to our calendars between now and November 2nd and I will be drawing 2 BELIEVE engravable bar necklaces when we hit 50 shows! Every NEW Show booked gets you a drawing for the engravables!

New Stylists be sure to get your new shows booked and join us on the Trendsetters Facebook page as we track them! If you aren't on Facebook you can email me when your new show is booked!

POST on our Facebook page AS YOU BOOK and I will keep a running list on a poster as we COUNTDOWN 50 NEW SHOWS and your name goes into the drawing as you book.

Leaders! Sandy, Michelle, Jen M, Annie S, Jodi, Sarah V, Valentina, Cheryl please share the booking incentive with your teams and blitz with them over the net few days so your Team Trunk show pipeline is where you need it to be for November as well! Let's BLITZ!!



Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for Hosting a Trunk show, wearing one necklace, joining my team of AMAZING Stylists and for reading this email. My business would simply not be, without YOU!

With Gratitude,

Kristi xo