Australia Olympics 2024

From Talent, To Honor, Through Perseverance, To Truth

Australia: Home of the Olympics

When thinking about where to have the Olympics this summer look our way! Filled with clear skies and home to more than 1 million people we have the facilities to house the Olympic cheerleaders of all the nations. With easy transportation and wonderful places to site so you won't be disappointed.
National Anthem of STRAYA (to the tune of Hey Ya)

What the Olympics Means for Our Nation and the Nations Beyond the Ocean

While some countries may not have the facilities to house some of the most founding sports of the Summer Olympics. Within Adelaide you will find a newly designed Stadium called the Adelaide Oval and a numerous number of other stadiums that would only need to be reinforced to host the Olympics. On top of this there are so many wonderful landscapes to explore and the outdoor sports will have an amazing set up for their cycling and racing. The waters are nothing to laugh at as they show their colors in more ways than one and will surely show you how amazing they are when they take hold of the Olympic Games by leading many countries to victory.

Never Fear Australia is Here

Australia is a very safe destination for tourists and beyond. With a political system far more stable than many around the world and with a low crime rate coming to Australia will cause no problems for athletes or the average man. The only thing that somebody would need to worry about is the extremely intense sunlight but, even that can be taken care of with some sunscreen a hat and some sunglasses to keep the body safe.

Theme Song

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