The Bond That Lasted For Lifetimes

A Friendship That Can't Be Stopped

The bond

The Falcons and Owl clans are traveling together. They were migrating to the equator when all of the sudden a loud noise, the tigers growl, them all. Two of them, Anni the owl and Robert the falcon, fell down and were injured. No one noticed them and so the two of them decided to support each other to fly.Roberts left wing was broken and Annis right wing was broken. They put there broken legs on each other and then they flew. the flew so fast they went past the other clan and made it to the split before them. Then after looking at each other they said there farewells. they wouldn't see the other for a year. They wanted to stay together but it was impossible. At Annie's clan she had a plan. when her wing healed she would go to the spot where she fell along with Robert. After time passed they found out about what they were doing and set up a trap. When they met they caged them up an banned the from seeing each other again. time passed and the two had kids. the kids found each other the same way as there parents but instead of going back, they made a home there. They had kids but they weren't owls or falcons. They were eagles. the first ever. And then they had there children and on and on. They were all taught the same thing. That a friend ship can last for generations