Sunshine Parenting!

Our Children - Our Strengths!

What is this group about?

Our family constellations, social norms and methods of communication are changing every day. We do not always have the luxury of an extended family to fall-back on for expertise and wisdom.

But, as before, it still takes a village to raise a child! What can we do?

How about a group coaching

Who am I?

I am Kalaivani Mattern, a mother of two children. I can help provide tools, self-evaluation exercises and facilitate the group.

As this would also help me refine my group coaching skills, I would be glad to waive my fees as a trainer, just for Sunshine parents. Only a registration fee of Rs25 per person will be charged for stationary (for all three sessions)


A session should be ideally 90min long (30 min tool/information + 60min discussion).

Separate groups for Primary and Secondary parents.

1. “How do I support my child’s academics

2. “Peer group pressure

3. “Media usage (TV/Internet) “

Come let us explore how we can be the parents we want to be!