Costa Rica

By Emma

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is average temperature is 75. The Population is 4,755,234.

  • Unique Spanish lanuage
  • English widely spoken only in toirist
  • ticos the female form is ticas

Facts About Costa Rica

Costa Ricans enjoy socializing with people.

Urban Costa Ricans generally prefer that visits be arranged in advance.

Only close friends or relatives drop by unannounced, and then mostly in the afternoon after household chores have been done
Gest are expicted to arrive a few minuits late.

Pistnctuality is not customary, but being very late is also not appreciated

young adults usuly meet loved ones at bars and nightclubs or work
Often a man proposes to his girlfriend and then gives her a ring on a special occasion like her birthday or Christmas
The two families visit each other to show formal agreement on their children's marriage


Greeting, Gestures, and Visiting

Female friends and or relatives greet each other with a light kiss on the cheek. If the women do not know each other they pat each other on the arm. The men shake each others hand or if its there partner the kiss or if it's a female friend a kiss on the cheek.


Most women uslley dress in Western dress are worn most.
Professionals ulsey wear suits.
Casual wear is a tops and jeans commen in urben areas.


Adult Literacy English is 97%.
Mean of Years they go to School 8.4

General Attitudes

Costa Rica dislike Military.
Costa Rica is ulsey happy.
violence is shunned.


A variety of native peoples lived todays Costa Rica before Columbus arrived in 1502.
In 1821 Costa Rica joined Central American in declaring independence from Spain.
The 1970s and 80s were times of economic struggles for Costa Rica due to the high cost of oil rising foreign debt levels.


GDP (PPP) in bliions: $61.43.
GDP (PPP) per capita: $12,900.

Relative lack of minerals and other traditional natural resources.
Costa Rica has a fairly good economy especially for the region.


Popluation 4,755,234.
Popluation growth rate 1.24%.
Urben Popluation 66%.
Magority (90 %) mixed genes.
1% is black.
2 % is not from there.
about 24 percent younger than 15.
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Costa Rica National Anthem