Friday Focus

November 15, 2013

"Information is not transformation. Take the next step."


Please join me in welcoming Kevin Wilson. Kevin is taking over for Jen while she is on maternity leave through the end of the school year. Welcome, Kevin!


Thank you so much for your thoughtful participation during our Data Reviews! I'm proud to work with such a dedicated group of educators.

Thank you to Kathy and Sue for attending this week's PTO meeting. Our partnership with parents is an essential ingredient for student success.

Thank you to our recess staff who met today to 'winterize' daily recess. We appreciate you!

Awesome job, Tina, for finishing this spectacular mural (below)!

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Bandwidth Testing - From Greg

On Monday morning from 9:00- 9:30 AM we will be conducting a test of our bandwidth capabilities. It is vitally important that the following occur:

1. All chromes and the computers in the labs must be utilized during this time.

2. We would like to have students on sites such as Brain Pop, Learn Zillions, etc. that are streaming video or are heavily graphics oriented. Each LRCD should meet with participating staff to ensure this occurs.

3. LRCDs should try and make sure they are physically in close proximity to classroom using the chromes in order to report to IT any issues.

4. LRC Aides to should be placed in each computer lab to communicate any issue to IT.

Thank you for your attention to this very important matter.

We are doing everything we can to solve problems we have and prevent future issues and appreciate all of your help accomplishing this goal.

Strategy of the Week from the School Improvement Network

According to Standard 6 of the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, mathematically proficient students “attend to precision.” They use clear definitions in communicating with others. This very brief video shows how easy this can be...

Student Collaboration Ideas

Passion Period

Don't forget to try and schedule a Passion Period each month. The purpose of a passion period is for you to further your relationship with students by teaching them about something that you love and excites you. Pick a topic you are passionate about and truly teach it to students as if you wanted them to be as passionate about it as you are. Moments like this not only allow you to reconnect with why you entered the teaching profession, but also allow you to potentially light a fire in a student that may otherwise sit idle. Monthly passion period teaching helps us avoid burnout and offers us a reminder that we have the best job in the world...working with kids!

Have fun and enjoy the experience.

- Greg

New Sample Items from PARCC

On November 6, 2013, PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) released new sample test items in both ELA and Math. With this release, PARCC has now made public exemplar test items across Grades 3-11 in both mathematics and English language arts/literacy.

These sample items are designed to help teachers, students and parents get a better sense of how PARCC will measure student learning in mathematics and ELA/literacy. Click here for samples:

Notes and Reminders

  • Please send me your revised school supply list by December.
  • Next week is American Education Week. See the information sent out by Katie Y. and Vicki for more information. I received word from the district that you CAN wear sports jerseys on Monday, but no jeans.
  • Our Monday Meeting on November 18th will focus on ELL Strategies from the recent training. As many of you know, it was a very worthwhile professional development opportunity. I'm looking forward to the presentation, which will be facilitated by those that attended this year's training.
  • PLCs next week will focus on grade-level data outcomes. Stephanie and I will facilitate.
  • Please continue to work on your GCN tutorials.

Coming Up...

Monday, November 18th - American Education Week Begins!

Monday, November 18th - Reading Goals Assembly at 12:50 for Grades 2-6 in the gym

Monday, November 18th - Monday Meeting for Certified Staff

Monday, November 18th - WESS Meeting

Tuesday, November 19th - Navigating the American Education System (PM) - Select Staff

Thursday, November 21st- Book Fair Begins

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday next week to Pat Murray (19th), Linda Evola (20th), and Cindy Dore (21st)!

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