Shelley Long

By Miami


Have you ever heard of the award winning Shelley Long? If you haven't she is a famous actress that showed in at least 55 films.

Early Life

On August 23, 1949 in Fort Wayne Indiana Shelley Long daughter of a school teacher was born. A few years after Shelley Long was born she got accepted to Northwestern university. After two years of collage Shelley dropped out of school to pursue acting.

Getting famous

After Shelley Long appeared in TV commercials she auditioned for the cast of Diane Chambers. A few days later Shelley got a call from the Agency saying she got the part.Shelley Long won really good awards after she quite the roll of Diane she went to cheers! Once she left Cheers, she showed on The Brady Bunch then The Brady Sequel

Interesting Facts

In 1981 Shelly Long married Bruce Tyson and had a little girl named Juliana Tyson. Shelley full name is Shelley Lee Long!

Important Events

Shelley Long won 2 really good awards Golden Globes and a Emmy award. She also stared in more fifty five film. That's crazy! I think Shelley Long is a really good person and actress.


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