Becoming A More Authentic Person

By: Dyon GIpson Religion III


I will pray more in my life in hopes of growing my relationship with God.


I will do what i can for other before i think about myself. GIVING, LOVING, SHARING, and CARING

Next 5 Years

  • A life of rich, interactive relationship with Him
  • A deep confidence in His love for me—pursuing, accepting, sustaining me
  • The qualities of an eternal life that begins NOW
  • Security and safety in His Kingdom despite difficult circumstances

Christ In My LIfe

Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Savior. His Atonement makes it possible for us to be resurrected and to repent and be forgiven so we can return to our Heavenly Father’s presence. In addition to saving us from our sins, the Savior also offers us peace and strength in times of trial. He sets the perfect example for us, and His teachings are the foundation for happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come.