Student Employee All-Star Winners

NSEW 2014

Employee All-Star Process

Each year, departments from all over UIC nominate a student employee based on their exceptional work performance. We are pleased to announce this year's All-Star Winners!

All Star Winners!

1. Christine A. Calbera


" I have worked with numerous students employees in my over two decades as a Director of Undergraduate Studies at UIC, and among all those student workers, Christine stands out as the very best…She performs the task assigned to her speedily and always with an excellent attitude and a big smile. She has often gone far and beyond the call of duty by working on the weekends and evenings, whenever she saw a project emergency. In sum it has been a great pleasure to work with Christine over the past two years, and I very much look forward to continue working with her until graduation."

Nominated by: Everkyn Lehrer, Erin Yucus, and Carol Martell

2. Evan Lines

Applied Health and Science Admin

"Evan has a great balance between voicing his opinion, taking ideas and offering support to the student staff that need it. He is a team player. What I have to enjoyed the most is seeing Evan's confidence grow into this role and how he managed challenging tasks. I have touched on Evan's ability to create a cohesive team of tutors and his effort in support both tutors and me as the director. I've shared his ability to take on projects that might be foreign to initially but later conquers them as common procedure and I have discussed Evan and his "self-starter" attitude. I am Happy to give Evan my wholehearted endorsement as I think he is certainly an Employee All Star."

Nominated by: Viviana Kabbabe-Thompson

3. Jimmy Nguyen

Pharmacy Practice

"Jimmy approaches every day ready and willing to face any challenge with a positive attitude. He has limitless patience and does a wonderful job handling student request even on the busiest days, nothing puts him in a bad mood. Jimmy offers to lend a helping hand to anyone in his math without a second thought. His work ethic and problem solving skills are top notch! He's always got a solution. When I think of Jimmy Nguyen I think "hard worker, dedicated and loyal". He is smiley, thoughtful and polite, all the necessary ingredients to succeed in a job. He has grown tremendously in his capacity as an office assistant and he deserves to be recognized as a model of what UIC student employees should be."

Nominated by: Craig Conrad

4. Mary Cable


"Mary has proven to be a quick study in selecting and absorbing the advice and counsel of others. I believe that this value combined with her intellect, excellent communication skills, and tenacious work habits, psychological and professional maturity, and high need for achievement make her a unique and desirable candidate for the UIC All Star Award."

"Quite simply, Ms. Mary Cable brings unwavering positive energy and a strong eagerness to work to the office everyday."

Her credibility and thorough manner provide us with the confidence to let her coordinate several functions autonomously"

Nominated by: Andrea Nevels, Crystalline Charity, and Kara Holloway

5. Tiffany Ortega

Environmental Health and Safety

"From my persecutive Tiffany Ortega is by far one of the most dedicated employees that EHSO and UIC Emergency and Medical Services have ever seen…I would trust her with my own life. She was a top performer, and not only in terms of physical skill, but also in terms of her enthusiasm. She wanted to be there, She was excited to be there. That excitement, as other educators can agree with, is contagious…Tiffany is just a good person. She gets all the EMS student employees together to celebrate birthdays and promotions. She takes general concern with other individual's problems. She is always there to cover a shift. She is always friendly, She is always genuine. She is also a great employee."

Nominated by: Martin Walsh

National Student Employment Week

Every year, the National Student Employment Association (NSEA) declares the second full week in April to be National Student Employment Week (NSEW). It was established to recognize students as employees during their college career. This year it will be held April 14–18, 2014. The UIC Student Employment Office will be sponsoring free activities throughout the week including an essay contest, trivia, penny and crossword contests, daily random drawings

and career development workshops for students to attend.