The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Tim Gring

Using daydreams as part of text structure, the characterization of Walter Mitty changes depending on what kind of situation he is in.

First, Walter Mitty is very timid of doing certian things

One of his daydreams is about himself flying a plane through a very bad storm. Walter Mitty was loosing control of the plane and had to press a bunch of buttons and straiten the plane out.
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Second, Walter Mitty gets made fun of because he can't park.

When Walter Mitty returns from a daydream, he is parking his car in an "exit only" lane of the parking lot becuase he does not know what's going on. The parking attendent tells Walter Mitty that he will park the car for him, since he doesn't know what he is doing.
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Third and finally, Walter Mitty does not stick up for himself.

After Walter Mitty has another daydream, he is sitting at a green light and a cop yelled at him because he did not go when he was supposed to. Another reason is that Walter Mitty's wife yells at him for driving too fast down the road and he should be going slower.
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The caracterization of Walter Mitty is different depending on what he is doing, when the author uses daydreams as part of text structure.