Fifth Grade Weekly News

Mrs. Howell and Mrs. Mitchell

Weeks of October 19-30

10/23: Box Tops promotion ends

10/19-23: Fall Clothing Drive

10/23: Camouflage Day (Kicks off Red Ribbon Week)

10/26: Chapter Book projects due

10/26-10/30: Red Ribbon Week

10/30: CHAMPS poster and essay DUE (both are required)

11/2: Final Payment for Rock Eagle DUE

11/13: AR Half-Way Goal

-Monday- "Team Up Against Bullying" and wear your favorite team shirt/hat/jersey

-Tuesday- “Our Superpower is being Drug Free" Wear your favorite superhero shirt and cape

-Wednesday- "Dreams, Not Drugs or Bullying" Wear pajamas, robes, and slippers

-Thursday- "Blue Shirt Day" Wear a blue shirt honoring Bullying Prevention Day

-Friday- "Hooked On Books" Book Character Parade

Classroom News


1. REMEMBER TO JOIN PTO---We need each class to have 100%!!

2. If you've not made your second installment payment for Rock Eagle, please do so soon.

3. The second quarter of AR has begun! Please encourage your student to read diligently and work towards meeting and exceeding their goals!

4. Please return the Weekly Behavior Sheet in the Oscar Folder, signed, Monday morning. Please also leave all papers stapled to the sheet attached.

5. NEW PE SCHEDULE: Howell-Wednesday and Friday; Mitchell-Monday and Thursday

Reading/Language Arts/Social Studies

Reading/ Language Arts/ Writing:

Students have finished their class chapter books! They are currently engaged in a choice board of tasks reflecting the books, and students will present their chapter book projects on Monday, October 26. We are also looking at the elements of plot (exposition, rising action, falling action, resolution). Students will be looking at comparing characters, as well.

Fifth graders will be composing narrative pieces in Writer's Workshop this quarter.

Students in fifth grade will also be participating in Mentor Sentences; these mini-lessons will improve writing skills as well as focus upon GUM skills.

Social Studies:

Fifth graders have begun a look at the Turn of the Century unit; we will focus upon early nineteenth century inventions, inventors, immigration, and groups that shaped the era. We are currently learning about cattle drives and are creating cowboy saddle bags. We will be looking at inventors of the era next week. Upcoming Unit: World War I

Math/ Science


We will have a quiz Friday on rounding and adding/subtracting decimals. Please review the interactive notebook. We will continue adding and subtracting decimals next and begin to discuss multiplying decimals.


We have been discussing inherited traits and genetics. We have begun to make our Doggie DNA strands and drawings to match. Ask your child about their dog. We will continue to discuss learned behaviors versus instincts.

October Birthdays

Aiden Mitchell, 10-2

Coleman Shurley, 10-20

Peyten Spain, 10-16