Paige Stokes

What I Learned In Careers

Left or Right Side of the Brain

I am more on the right side of the brain rather than the left. This means that my mind is more focused on the project as a whole rather than the details. I am very cretive and imaginative and not so particular.

What is my personality?

My personality is gold. This means that I am Prepared, Structured, Detailed, Organized, Punctual, Decisive, Commited, Loyal, Responsible, Realistic, and Dependable. This also means that I like to be in charge, but I do not mind following others occasionly. I am straightforward and if I can, I will just ask you directly if I have a question. I tend to focus on specific details and get them cleared up before I do anything

Team Activity Assessment

My team style is the director, but I can also be the supporter. Because of this I can get along with alot of other people.

My Future Job

My Business Card

My career options that were most suited for me were as follows: Librarian, School Psychologist, and Farm and Home Manager. The career I chose was the Farm and Home Manager. With this career I would have lived in Texas.

Job Requirements

For this Job I would have to make regular visits to my customers and advise them on how to increase their business. The outlook for this job is to increase and only requires me to take Agriculture Operations and Family and Consumer Science as a required class.

Texas A&M University Site

This is the information I need if I were to apply to this college in the future.

Texas A&M Football Game

Saturday, Sep. 28th, 11am

Fayetteville, AR

Fayetteville, AR

Texas A&M takes on Arkansas at Fayettville for the football game in 2013.