Tech Tidbits From Your ITS {2016-2017 v.17}

Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Thank you to the participants of the Tech-Knowledge-Y Scavenger Hunt last week!

Here are the results:

"I Read Tech-Knowledge-Y" badge recipients are

  • Alexis Mocco
  • Regina Hargrove
  • Dana Maurice
  • Amber Estep
  • Sharon Helmke
  • Barbara Wilhelm
  • Tara StClair

Grand Prize Winner: Alexis Mocco!

Special Days Coming Up This Month

Valentines Day

Conversation Hearts are great for data collection! Use Google Sheets, Wixie or some other program to graph colors, sayings, etc.

Wixie has some activities in their Month by Month folder: a rebus, a sort, and a valentine outline. You could have kids make their own valentine too.

Make your own virtual candy hearts.

100th Day of School - February 16th

Aging Booth is an app TSTs at both schools have been asked to add to the iPad that will "age" a person. The kids love seeing themselves old. Use the app and then have them write a narrative, poem, or short story about being 100.

Here are some things you can do in Wixie:

Math - have kids create a picture for 100. Use stickers to create 10 rows of 10 stickers, write a number story where the answer is 100, or create their own image representing 100.

Language Arts - students could draw themselves at 100 and write about it... the All About Me template in Wixie would work well for this!

Presidents Day - February 20th

BrainPOP has videos on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Pebble Go has articles on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Wixie has a Venn called Compare Presidents, comparing George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It is in the Month by Month folder.

Use ChatterPix to make George Washington and Abraham Lincoln talk. They could tell facts or say what they would do as president.

They could write about what they would do if they were president...maybe even put them in front of the White House via green screen ... for green screening use Do Ink on the iPads or Wixie (yes, Wixie) on the laptops.

Digital Learning Day - February 23rd

Digital Learning Day is February 23rd. This year's focus for Digital Learning Day is Digital Citizenship. For more information about Digital Learning Day click here.

VB Digital Citizen resource site

Seesaw has some resources here and here.

BrainPOP has several videos with activities too.

I also have a digital breakout on being a good Digital Citizen.

Personalized PD

Ready to PD the Personalized Way?!?! Visit the site, watch a video of interest to you, reflect on it, and use it in your classroom (invite me to help, watch or snap a picture of the tool in action and send it to me!). Once you have reflected on your digital tool I will place a badge in your mailbox for your to display.

Do these off hours and count them towards snow time OR see me to sign for PD points (can't count for both).

New videos will continue to be added, so check back often.

PD Videos already on the site include:

  • Google Classroom
  • Kahoot
  • Seesaw
  • Quizizz

Missed the Scavenger Hunt?

Did you miss the scavenger hunt last week? That's okay because this is your chance to pick up an extra badge for staying informed! The first 10 people who email me and can tell me 3 new activities they can do this month (maybe something mentioned in this newsletter...) will find a badge outside their door!

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