Birdy's Bucket List

April 23rd 2015

Swimming in the Great Lakes ( Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio)

The Great Lakes were created by large glacial pools gathering in deep basins.

It would be fun to go swimming here! (Physical weathering)

I would go with my family in the car. It's 1379.5 miles away from Texas.

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New York City Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

New York City (New York)

Going to New York sounds awesome! It was created by physical weathering (Humans)

I've heard there are some amazing trinket shops there, hoping to get a glass dragon someday. ( The ones in the gas stations priced at like $167.99 ) it is 1555 miles away from Texas, and I would go with my grandma in a plane.

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Disney Land (Florida)

Physical weathering (Humans) occurred here, thus creating a wonderland of Disney.

I would go with my Uncle David, who is my grandma's brother. He's crazy and likes to bring beer for my dad. We would go by plane. It is 1364.9 miles away from Texas.

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Wakeboarding (Houston)

Wakeboarding is Physical Weathering as well. The waves on the beach are amazing at beating on the shore.

Houston is in Texas, and I would take my two best friends with me :D

The Baylor Wakeboarding Video.
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Wingsuiting (New York)

OMG! Have you ever tried this? If not, watch this awesome video! You get to fly, without mechanical assistance! You simply jump out and spread your wings. It's so amazing! Chemical Erosion = Pollution (Oil, trash, radiation) I would go with my dad, who is way into this. He would probably push me off though. We would get there by plane. It is 1555 miles away from Texas.
Wingsuit Flying Over New York City FULL POV