Why Do Cats Meow?

Today We`re Discussing, "Why Cats Do Meow." Now Let`s Start!

Confirming The Facts

Cats Actually Replicate Our Voices When They Want Something. So When They Want Something From You (Like Food Or Care & Grooming) It Does The Best To Try And Replicate The Voice You Had Last Time You Pet, Fed And Even Cleaned Their Litter Box!

The 3 Meows

The First Meow Is The High-Pitched, "Pet Me!" Meow.

The Second One Is The Normal-Pitched, "Feed Me!" Meow, And Last But Not Least

The Last One Is The Low-Pitched, "Clean My Litter Box You Lazy Human!" Meow, Too!

Epilogue (Or Whatever You Call It.)

I Got These Facts From My Favorite Youtuber, Game Theory!

a Show That Puts Science, In Games! And This Guy Even Has a Part Dedicated To Pets

And Released An Episode For The Topic, "Why Do Cats Meow?" It`s Pretty Cool,

You Should Check It Out, RIGHT HERE!

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