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Use PREVIEW to save time grading in Google Classroom

Google Classroom saves time when collecting work. But if you have to open every single student's doc to add your grade, those extra seconds really add up.

Try this simple trick to shave off time!

  1. In Drive, go to your Classroom folder.
  2. Open the folder containing your Docs to be graded.
  3. On the first Doc in the list, right click and choose Preview.
  4. You'll get a full screen image of the document to assess. When you're ready to move to the next student's work, click the little arrow on the right side of your screen.

Tech-Enhanced Rubrics Benefit Student Learning and Save You Time!

With all the new tech tools meant to save us time, we may be feeling overwhelmed. And the promised time-savings may not live up to the hype.

A lot of the tools we use (such as the awesome Google Forms quizzes), are best for multiple choice assessments.

Here are a few ideas to use rubrics to score lessons!

  • Idea 1: Embed your rubric as an image in Google Forms and score student works (or have students peer edit) using Forms. Idea and image via my favorite Twitter teacher Jen Roberts:
  • Idea 2: Use the Orange Slice add-on to Google Docs. This tool is super easy and can speed up your grading. Some teachers at 7/8 are using this, and seem to be satisfied. Check it out here.
  • Idea 3: Use the Goobric Add-on for Google Sheets. This one is a bit more complicated to set up than Orange Slice, but it give you more powerful features, such as adding voice comments, and seeing all student scores on one spreadsheet.

These 3 ideas allow you to score work on Google Docs more quickly, and give you an at-a-glance screen with all student scores and comments. Interested in trying one of these ideas? Email David for support!

Classroom Spotlight: Annette Fuelling

5th grade students in Annette's classes took the study of geography to the next level with their Mystery Hangout a few weeks ago.

Armed with a webcam and a Google Hangout connection to a 5th grade classroom in a "mystery" location, students played a type of Twenty Questions to narrow down the location of the other students, and vice versa. Teams of student researchers and map analysts eventually narrowed down the location of the other classroom (in Independence, Missouri, by the way) and, along the way, brought the class content to life. This was a lot cooler way to learn geography than when I was in 5th grade!

I was struck by the level of engagement during this lesson, but I know that Annette put a lot of planning and effort into the activity before students ever started their work. And I'm sure she'd would be willing to share some lessons learned and tweaks she'd make for next time. This is a great example of using technology to redefine student learning, and it was truly memorable event for the students.

360° PD @LCUSD

Technology is great, but it's only effective in classrooms if it aids instruction. And so that our world-class educators can focus on their quality instruction, we want to make sure the tech is transparent.

One of the ways we're helping this happen is by offering trainings for everyone to get us all up to speed on the tech. That way, our classroom teachers won't have to spend valuable instructional time with tech support.

How are we accomplishing this?

  1. In-class Google Apps training for students to teach the basics of the tools (and beyond).
  2. On-call support for all teachers, in your classroom, when it works for you.
  3. Tech PowerUps for office staff, paraprofessionals, and all special educators.
  4. Parent technology academies offered during the year to help parents support students at home.
  5. Google Boot Camps for in-depth training for all employees (admin, teachers, paras, office staff, subs) on the Google Apps. Level 1 camps will once again be offered Summer 2017, and we'll also be offering a new Level 2 boot camp. (Stay tuned!)

This is just another way we're working to make the tech "transparent" in classrooms, and we thank you for your support in this ongoing process. Let us know how we can help YOU!

Goodbye Google Apps?

It's true--Google Apps for Education is going away.

Kind of. Google has given GAFE a new name--G Suite--and it has some new features. Read more here!