Sunday Snapshot


The Week at a Glance

9/15 Monday: Staff Meeting, 3-4pm, Room 10

9/17 Weds: Staff P.D. 1:40-3:40- Math and Writing, 5:30 PTA Meeting

Coming Up!

9/22, Monday, First FC Meeting

9/24, Weds. Construction Team Meeting, 4pm P-7

9/24, Weds. SSC Meeting, 6pm

9/29, Monday, ILT Meeting

10/1, Professional Development: SEL Curriculum with Denise Curtis, District RJ Coordinator

Teaching & Learning

Intentional Use of Time- Class Schedules

With our new curriculum in Math, Writing, and ELA, it's going to be a busy, busy year! We will be thinking very intentionally about WHAT we choose to do with our limited time and WHY we choose to do it.

I have heard from several of you that you are not sure we can "fit it all in". Therefore I need all teachers to have their daily schedule posted so that visitors, administrators, and children know what the daily plan is. This will help us to see where we may have pockets of time that we can shift and maximize to ensure that all content areas are addressed.

Let me or Linda know if you need help working on this.

You can write it on the whiteboard, use a sentence strip chart, or whatever method works for you and your students.

OCR- Thinking Ahead

Next year the district will not be ordering any Open Court Materials. This year we still have some to use. I encourage you to begin thinking and planning how you will fully transition to Balanced Literacy so that next year you are ready to hit the ground running.

If you weren't able to attend BAL training last summer, begin thinking how you can get trained in Summer 2015.

Operations & Logistics

Supply Orders

From now on, all supply requests can be send to Ms. Walker-

PTA Membership

PTA has invited all teachers to join the PTA ( it is actually the Parent Teacher Association, after all).

Our PTA provides over $100,000 to our school annually. Not to mention the hours and hours of volunteer support from cleaning our rooms. feeling us lunch, coordinating numerous events, serving as room parents. fixing our technology, providing our students with music, etc.

Membership cost $6 per teacher

Last year I "treated' you all to this membership, but this year I strongly encourage you to join the PTA. It is a small way to give back to an organization that gives so much to us!

This is where you can join online.

Bulletin Boards

When you post a bulletin board in your classroom or outside the classroom, sharing a bit of the "why" you did this assignment and how it supports teaching and learning is very helpful. It helps educate our families, inspire our colleagues, and makes our children's experiences more meaningful when they know the purpose of their activities.

As you walk down the Kindergarten hall on the left hand side, note Mr. Alexander's description of the "why" behind the work on the bulletin board. His explanation helps us see how what appears to be a simple art activity, has a lot of intention and instructional meaning behind it.

Assessment Timeline

Several of you have told me you are done with assessing! Whoopee!

We will be discussing where we are in the assessment process and next steps on Weds. at our meeting. Our goal remains to be finished with assessing by the end of September.

Safety First

Fire Drill Adjustments

In reviewing our first fire drill, the front office and I will be updating the evacuation map.

The key in any emergency is to evacuate as quickly as possible out the nearest exit. Many classrooms are routing our the backdoors which is creating a log jam.

We will be reviewing the updated map and discussing any additional changes at our staff meeting on Monday.

Fingerprinting & TB

All volunteers who are on site regularly and are around children need to be fingerprinted and TB tested. Forms are available in the office.

Math Dept. PD Offerings

  • There are some exciting professional learning offerings that the math department will be providing to support you with the Core Curriculum for Mathematics this year, thanks to generous grant funding and our partnerships with other math organizations.

  • Tuesday, September 30: Assessment for Learning (first evening session in this 5 session series), 4-7pm (grant-funded stipend and dinner included)

Please sign up via Ontrack:

Emailing Expectations


The district has asked that all employees transition to using email. I know several of you already have made this transition. Please let me know if you need help with this.

In addition, email must be made available to parents for communication purposes and employees are expected to reply to emails within 24-48 hours.

We have all tried to email someone and not received back a reply within a timely fashion and it's extremely frustrating so please model what you expect from others.

Life after the F & P Assessment

Ms. Morgan and Mr. Alexander will be helping us think beyond our assessments at an upcoming Professional Development.... the best next steps for the moment are to ask yourself-

1) How will I ensure that students are reading AT THEIR level every day?

2) What structures and procedures do I need to put into my classroom so that I can begin doing guided reading groups?

3) How will I organize my materials so students have access to the books at their level? (see the photo of Ms. Jacobsen's room! for example...)

4) How will I ensure that each student and their family knows what their reading score is (without shame or blame) and what their goal is (without threat or overwhelm)?

5) How will I figure out how to support each student in their next step towards their reading goal?

6) How will I create a classroom community where it's okay to "be where you are" knowing that we will celebrate your successes and support you in your growth?