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May 2016

Upcoming Events

4th - Music Concert & Science Fair

6th - Spelling Bee

Gifted Field Trip

9th - 5th Grade DARE Field Trip

11th - Read 2 Succeed Field Trip

13th - 3rd-5th grade Field Trips

Reading Rocks Celebration

16th - Elementary Awards - High School Gymnasium

K-2 @ 9 a.m.

3-5 @ 10:30 a.m.

17th - Last Day of School - Out at 1

PAWS celebration @ 9-11

Tech Tuesday

With one mobile lab up and running and another one on its way, I want to give each of you the opportunity this summer to play with the chromebooks and some possible tools that you could use in the classroom.

As part of your checkout process this year, you will be given a chromebook. Play with it this summer, explore ways you can use these in the classroom in a variety of subjects. I have also included a picture of what is called the SAMR wheel. This is a technology version of blooms taxonomy. It might be a great starting point for your journey this summer. The website has an interactive version of this that allows you to get basic information about each app that is included on the wheel:


Next fall, we will continue with Tech Tuesdays as we continue to learn together new ways to integrate the technology we have in to our classrooms.

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

We've talked about a variety of ways to keep our students reading over the summer and many of you have implemented summer reading programs within your own classroom. Scholastic has a free summer reading challenge, that I would like to encourage each of us to take advantage of. The link to sign up is listed below:


Take a look and see what you think. We will discuss the possibilities at our faculty meeting.

Curriculum Corner

Read the statement below and jot down your thoughts regarding what you know about curriculum alignment and development.

"Writing curriculum isn't just about producing a guide. It includes defining what students need to know and do and giving teachers proven practices that will work with their specific content area."

Align the Design

by Nancy J. Mooney and Ann T. Mausbach


  • Tech Tuesday
  • Committee Reports
  • Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge
  • Building Project Update and "We've Moved"
  • Curriculum Corner
  • It's a Wrap!


  • TAC
  • ELA - Spelling Bee
  • SW-PBS - End of Year Celebration