A Holy Stroll

By Someone Secret

Sandal History

  • The first sandals were worn around the 1010's
  • They were mostly used for traveling
  • When Alaxander the Great brought them to Greese, he considered them a leasure
  • During the world war, they were considered a leisure
  • Nowadays, sandals are made from recycled materials
  • Came from Latin term Sandalos

Jesus's Stroll

I open my eyes, the sun is shining, birds ore tweeting. I roll over on the hard mattress, get on my knees and pray," Thank you father for the wonderful day ahead of me." I go downstairs and see Paul already fishing," Good morning teacher", he says. I go about, gathering the disciples. After they are all here, I ask them," Are you ready to spread my word?"After a while, we are helping people farm,cook,dig, and all while spreading my father word. That evening, we go the the hill. I take three of my closest disciples and go pray when I come back, they are all asleep. When we come back, an army is waiting. One comes and kisses me and they seize me. I am taken away...............................

My relation

The reason I did sandals is because Jesus wore them. I am a Christian and wanted to learn more about the everyday footwear of our saviour.