Whole Brain Teaching

applied to early childhood

Presented by Creek K-2nd

Leader: Lora Reavis
Recorder: Rebecca Grant
Members: Carmen Heath, Jennifer Schuler, Shelly Kirkhart, Sophie Carter, Hillary LeDoux and Kim Flanary

Exploring "Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids" by Chris Biffle

Creek Elementary has implemented Whole Brain Teaching through the school to help with classroom and school management but mostly to get all students actively learning in content areas. As a PLC group we decided to take a close look at how to best implement the program into the early childhood classrooms. The following is what we found...

What worked best?

Biffytoons, Attention Grabbers, Call Backs

How is WBT helping our students and our school?

Whole Brain Teaching has brought our school together under one behavior management program so that all students know what is expected of them outside of the classroom no matter which teacher is with them.

Our students are all actively engaged in learning when the WBT methods of mirror and teach are use in lessons. Energetic students enjoy the highly energetic learning method.

We are using this year as a base line and hope to find evidence next year of improved student performance in Literacy First scores as well as math scores.