Schools and Hospitals see changes

All for the better By Lily Herreid

Improvements In Education

All throughout the 1800’s, improving education was an important focal point. Horace Mann helped lead the changes we needed to make. More schools began to open up, and there was a new state board of education. Most of these changes took place in the Northern states like Boston and Ohio. Developments were important to people in this time. More opportunities opened up as well. The first women graduated from Oberlin College in ohio in 1823 and African americans began graduating as well. These great advancements help our knowledge as a country grow and advance in the right direction.

New Advances, change for the better

Improvements for the Needy

With these advancements come advances for those less fortunate. Dorothea Dix is helping out with improvements to mental illness facilities and hospitals. There's a new deaf school being run by Thomas H. Gallaudet in boston and Samuel G. Howell is helping with a school for the blind. THere are also major reforms to jails. The previous situations were dismal with children and adults with all different offences in one office. All of these things desperately needed to be reformed for the good and health of the people.