My Sister's Keeper

Kelsey Smith, Paige Badstubner, Maddy Condon, Gabby Rebata

The plot and rising action

1. Kate gets diagnosed with leukemia

2.Anna is made in a laboratory to be the perfect medical match for Kate

3. Anna grows up as the donor for Kate

4.When Anna turns 13, she wonders what life would be like without being constantly responsible for Kate

5. Anna files for medical emancipation against her parents

6. Campbell (Anna's attourney) runs into his highschool sweetheart Julia who is Anna's guardian ad litem

7. Sara (Anna's mom) is the opposing attourney

8. Brian (Anna's dad) sides with Anna and thinks that Anna should be free to live her own life and not forced to be a donor anymore

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person vs. person Anna vs. her mom in her case to be medically free

person vs.fate/destiny Kate vs. leukemia and the near imposiible outcome that she lives

person vs. self Anna vs. self between saving herself or saving her death-ridden sister

person vs. person Cambell vs. Sara in Anna's case


Jesse: Jesse is shown as the problem child, who only care about himself and no one else. However, throughout the book Jesse's caring side shows through when he offers to donate his kidney to Kate, and it is reveled that his has been donating blood for Kate


Hope: Anna has hope that she will be free from donating to Kate, Sara hopes that Anna will donate her kidney, Jesse hoping to finally get the recognition he feels he deserves, Campbell hoping to finally win over Julia and Brian hoping to give his family some peace and reconnect with the woman he loves.

"She spent the rest of her time holding on to whatever scraps she had left" (256).

"... no matter who you are, there is some part of you that always wishes you were someone else..." (137).