history of nail art

who created nail art

Essential question:

Who invented nail art and what kinds of methods did they use?

Nail art was used in ancient times..

Nail art was used in ancient times,it firstly emerged in ancient (babylonia) when males color their nails with khol. The nail color indicated status where males of higher class wore black while males of lower class wore green.

"Moon Manicure"

People called it the "moon manicure" the nail art design involved painting the middle of the nail while leaving the moon of the nail unpainted.

what types of nail types people used

  • fake nails
  • acrylic
  • tips
  • french manicure
  • nail wraps

how they made nail polish?

the upper classes of ancient Egypt probably used henna to dye both hair and fingernails—
Ancient Egyptians often immersed their fingertips in reddish-brown henna, a type of dye extracted from flowering plants. Cleopatra, for one, was a big fan of henna for nail coloring. Ancient Egypt also produced some nail polish blends that were lacquer-like in formula. Egyptian women frequently used berries to color their nails, too.