New England in need of settlers!

Come and settle in New England where there are fish galore!

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Join the best colony around!

Here in New England there are plenty of places to fish, docks for ships, and businesses. We are a booming colony with so much to offer.
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Guaranteed to be the best decision of your life to settle here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there places to fish?

Yes! We have rivers and are located near the ocean.

Are there materials to build a house?

Most definitely. We have plenty of trees for lumber.

Is there a tavern for me to go to?

Of course! There is a tavern located near the ship dock!

Can I start a business here?

Certainly. There are already some businesses present, but you can start yours too. The more the merrier!

Is there a Puritan church?

Slightly up on a hill there is a large Puritan church.