The Three Little Elephants

By: Brayden Gathright


There where two adult elephants that had triplets and, the first one that came out was big and strong. The second one that was born he was fast. The third elephant that came out was smart and had no athletc abilty.

Rising Action

The elephants heard that elephant hunter's are coming to there contry in 2 months and the elephants needded to build shelter. the stupid one built a house out entirely out of wood. the second made of clay. the third made his house out of steel.


The hunters came and killed the first elephant. Then the hunters came to the seconds one house and killed him.

Falling Action

The hunters went to the third elephants house they shot exsept one person and the 39 hunters out of 40 died and the last hunter ran away from danger.


The third elephant became king of elephants in the contnet of Africa and no one I say will mess withe the third elephant again.