Kindergarten Newsletter

Greenbrier Elementary School

What We've Been Learning

Over the last several weeks we have continued to practice our loco-motor and fundamental skills through many games and activities. Our units have included basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, stacking cups, angry birds, and heart obstacle course. During the heart obstacle course unit the fifth graders helped the kindergarteners learn about the pathway of blood through the heart and lungs. We also talked about how exercise and good nutrition can help us stay healthy. We are currently doing a unit on stacking cups which helps our students immensely with hand-eye coordination.

What's Up Next....

In the coming weeks we will be continuing to work on our skills during units such as bowling, multi-cultural games, nutrition week, track and field, and kickball. During our nutrition week we play games that are aimed at informing students about making the right choices about what they put in their bodies. For any information about our P.E. program feel free to check us out at