Join the Crusaders! By Vincent 7-1

Reason on why you should join the English Crusaders

Benefits of joining as a Crusader!

If you, join the Crusaders one benefit is that you are able to clear all of your sins because you are doing a favor from God that will clear all of your sins. If you also become a Crusader another benefit is that you are able to become a better person and have good souls because God will look at you and give you the best life ever. One last benefit is that If you really do believe in Christ, and that he really is your savior you truly should join the Crusaders before its to late!

Automatically be welcomed into Heaven!

If you join the Crusaders , you will automatically be welcomed into Heaven if you do not return back from the Holy Lands, and if you do returned, you will still be automatically sentence into Heaven when you die, no matter how bad your sins are God will still remember what you did for him.

Help those who are in need in Jerusalem, and help Jerusalem from the Turks!

Since those Turks took our land many of our people who believe Christianity need your help, so that they will be able to be free in the land that God died for us but, we can't act if we don't have you people so join now! Also you are also helping Jerusalem from being captured from the Turks for ever so we need to act fast before the Turks could strike again!

"God will be on your side" So join us Now! Before Time runs out!