Title Funds Update

Fall, 2015

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Snap Shot Date 10/30/15

October 5th was the deadline for families to reapply for F/R meals status. Your low SES numbers have probably changed.

Several of you have asked how to encourage parents to sign-up for Free/Reduced status. In talking with Rachelle Sherrin, you may send the attached flyer home to each family. We cannot single out certain students, though.


You may set up a computers during the day or on a Parent Night event. Some parents may need assistance in completing the form so you may want to have someone close by to answer questions.


You may be doing something else to reach out to your students.

Just be careful that you don't single out certain students. As Rachelle said, all the funds are federal funds and we must treat all folks the same! and I know you are already doing this...

This file is in Dropbox - Title Funds Information - At-Risk Information or Click the link below.


Purchasing Reminders

Refer to the Federal Funds Manual I gave you over the summer. If there are guidelines you would like to have detailed, please let me know and I will add this to the manual.
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  • Share dates with person in charge of Subs for your campus in which that Title funds will be used for for professional development.
  • Set dates for Title funded subs on your calendar now.
  • Best practice is taking care of the expense at the time of the event, rather than months down the road. This could look like supplanting to an auditor.
  • Please be sure to review the PD Summary for 8/30-9/26 from Payroll.
  • Substitute Form - Be sure to submit to me within 1 week of the event to ensure funding with Title I
  • Add the CIP Obj for reference on the Substitute Form
  • Please pay attention to the end of month Payroll Reporting Calendar dates.

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement is ramping up on campuses.

Below are reminders as to when Title Funds can be used for events:


An event does not qualify for funding from Title I Parent Involvement simply because parents will be in attendance. Parent Involvement is specifically defined in ESEA to be used in three ways:

1. Parent Information

  • Imparting knowledge to the parents regarding:
Campus participation in the Title I program, an explanation of Title I, and the parents' rights within the program
2. Decision-Making
  • Involving parents in the campus decision-making process, including:

Involvement in creating and/or revising the Parent Involvement Policy and the School-Parent Compact; involvement in how Federal Funds are expended; involvement in other campus decision processes impacting student achievement (CIC)

3. Parent Training

  • Teaching the parents skills they can use to aid in the academic achievement of their children.

This could include: Homework completion strategies; literacy training; using technology; parenting skills; strategies in math, science, reading, writing, social studies

The majority of Parent Involvement activities, and funds, should be spent on Skills Training for parents. Information and Skills Training Sessions should be held during the first semester, and definitely no later than February to help students pass academic assessments (e.g. STAAR).

Region 10 Parent Involvement Links:

The conference below is a big conference to encourage parent involvement. I will be attending, but you may want to send someone from your campus. Title funds can pay for the event.

Refer to your District Title Funds Manual, Sections 6 & 7.

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