February 2016



MOCK STAAR is just around the corner. On February 2nd and February 9th to be exact. To help ensure that ALL staff members know what is occurring on testing date, I have included two sections that include important information regarding STAAR. The STAAR RESOURCES FOR ALL STAFF section will provide you with details about the testing schedule, lunch schedule, make - up testing, etc. All of this information can also be found in the FEBRUARY MOCK TESTING BLUEPRINTS. You can also click on the links below for detailed information regarding testing.

Here are a few things to keep in mind fro testing. This information WILL NOT come to you in a separate email. I will make any and all updates to this electronic bulletin.

  • Testing will take place on Tuesday, February 2nd for 4th grade writing & 5th grade math.
  • Testing will take place on Wednesday, February 9th for 5th grade reading.
  • MOCK Testing will take place in March for 3rd grade (TBD).
  • There will be district personnel on our campus monitoring our processes and procedures. Drew Whittet & Amanda Phillips....THANKS for coming out to EES!
  • All testing areas need to be covered by the end of the day on Monday, February 1, 2016. No windows to testing rooms should be covered.
  • K - 2nd grade students will eat lunch in the classroom; A garbage bag will be placed in your mailbox. Be sure to have students put their Styrofoam plates in the bag. Place the bag outside of your classroom, and our custodial staff will get the bag from your room.
  • PK, 3rd - 5th grade students will eat in the cafeteria at a zero noise level. Teachers must eat with students.
  • Remember it is zero noise when transitioning to get trays from the cafeteria. Our monitors and administrators will be there to assist you as needed.
  • Pre - K - 2nd grade teams can use same arrangements to use the gym on a rotating schedule for both days of testing. Be sure you follow your schedule and ensure that your students are quiet on the path they are taking to the gym.
  • Several of our paraprofessionals have been assigned to help provide breaks for Kinder thru 2nd grade teams. if you are a para professional, please refer to the schedule to see if you are on the schedule and for your designated grade level assignment.
  • DO NOT print to the copy machine in room 401, the library, or to the computer lab. These rooms are being used as a testing site. You are welcome to print to the office or the copy room on the main hallway.
  • There will be no specials for all grade levels unless ALL testing is completed in the building AND the Testing Coordinator or Principal makes an announcement for everyone to follow the abbreviated specials schedule.

  • Parents are not allowed on campus on testing days. This includes access to the portables as well. A phone message will be sent to all parents, but ALL PK-5 teachers should send a note home in their bulletins and make personal calls to your parents to let them know that they WILL NOT be allowed in the building on testing days.

  • Official STAAR training where you sign oaths will take place in March.

  • Remain Flexible!

Should you have any questions, please see me. The links below will lead you to the documents you need.

Always with teaching and learning in mind,

Felicia Turner


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MOCK STAAR Testing Tool Box for Test Administrators Only

Test Materials Pick - Up

Pick up supplies at Turner's office according to the following schedule:

  • 4th Grade - 7:15 am
  • 4th Grade SG - 7:30 am
  • 5th Grade – 7:25 am
  • 5th Grade SG-7:45 am

Special Notes:

  • SG ~ Small Group
  • I will be set up at 7:00 am for any early risers that may want to get a head start

You’ve been designated as testing support...

This provides a much greater degree of security and allows us to monitor for infractions. As a proctor, you will need to do the following:

  1. Report to the teacher's classroom at 7:30 am
  2. Assist them with getting started ON TIME!
  3. Ensure their room is test ready (desks are labeled, rooms are covered, seating chart is completed, attendance is taken, etc.
  4. Assist them with distributing their testing materials.
  5. Use the Testing Day Important Reminders as a guide.
  6. Be supportive & flexible!


Thursday, Jan. 28th, 7:30am to Monday, Feb. 1st, 4pm

1005 West 2nd Street

Elgin, TX

ALL testing rooms need to be test ready by the end of the day on Monday, February 1st. Also, ALL testing grade levels should ensure that they have viewed the MOCK STAAR information.

GYM TIMES for PK - 2nd Grade

The Schedule

  • Pre-K - 8:15-9:15
  • 1st - 9:15-10:15
  • 2nd - 10:15-11:15
  • Kinder - 12:30-1:30
  • Pre-K - 1:30-2:30