Qins tomb and his Terra-Cotta Army.

By: Victoria Amaniera

Emperor Qin

Archaeologists still have not opened Qin's actual tomb. "It is best to keep the ancient tomb untouched, because of the complex conditions inside," Duan Qinbao, a researcher with the Shaanxi Provincial Archaeology Institute, told the China Daily in 2006. Qin wanted the Terra-Cotta army to protect him in the after life.

The Army

According to National geographic, "They found not one, but thousands of clay soldiers, each with unique facial expressions and positioned according to rank. And though largely gray today, patches of paint hint at once brightly colored clothes. Further excavations have revealed swords, arrow tips, and other weapons, many in pristine condition." So, many of these clay soldiers where still in great condition. They soldiers had weapons like they where getting ready for battle. And so the Army is set up just like a real person army.