This Week in Room 120

Week of November 4, 2013


  • WKCE testing went very well! The students really worked hard! I am very proud of them!
  • The end of the quarter, November 8th, is right around the quarter. This day will be an early release.
  • Please remind your child to complete his/her reading log on a daily basis.
  • I will be gone on Monday and Tuesday of this week at a conference. Please remind your child about the importance of making good choices when there is a substitute teacher in the room. I will be available by email during both of these days. If you need a message passed along to your child, please contact the Gebhardt office.

Reader's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop this week, we will be studying characters within books:

  • Main character/Good Guy=protagonist, Bad Guy=antagonist
  • Round/Well-developed characters vs. Flat/not developed characters
  • How readers learn about characters through their thoughts, actions, feelings and through the thoughts and feelings of other characters
  • An author uses a Hook to get you interested in the story from the very beginning of the book

***On Thursday morning, we will be taking the end of the first quarter's STAR Reading test*** I am excited to see the growth that has already happened since the beginning of the school year!

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop we will be finishing up our Veteran's Biographies. Most students are ready to finish up their typing. They will be learning the importance of printing a typed draft, rereading it, revising and/or editing as needed, and then reprinting once the corrections are made.

Later in the week we will also be learning to use sensory details (using the five senses) in our writing and to use precise adjectives to describe the nouns in our writing.

Word Study

in Word Study we will be studying how some multisyllabic words have double consonants within. There is usually a syllable break which allows both sounds of the double consonants to be heard.

Some of the words that we will be studying:

syllable (syl-la-ble), middle (mid-dle), supper (sup-per)


This week in Math we will be continuing our study of reading, writing, rounding, adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals. We will soon be ready to take our unit test on decimals.

***On Wednesday of this week, the students will be taking their end of the first quarter's STAR Math test.*** I am excited to see what growth has happened since the beginning of the school year!