David Stojcevski

By Emanuel Clemente

Macomb County Jail

  • Macomb county jail moved to a new jail on Elizabeth Road in 1954
  • It had at 12 dormitory style cell
  • It started with 43 deputies according to there website
  • Michigan around Detroit
  • Jail was built with a capacity of little more than 100 prisoners when it opened
  • Around the 60's it raced up to 150 imates
  • The jail build a rehabilitation center for 3.5 million dollars on May 1,1975
  • 40,000 square foot jail
  • Opened in April 19,1977 now they can fits inmate in single person cells
  • Increasing jail campacity to 354 inmates
  • It was 2 floors but after a while it turned into 5 floors
  • 27 million dollars was for the addition 1987
  • There basically no death there except 1 whichs was davids
  • You can only have 2 visits per week when your in jail & for 30 minutes
  • On June 17,2015 they let out inmates because it was over crowing but only the ones that weren't violent
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Inmates case of points

  • David couldn't pay $772 & ended up in jail.
  • He entered jail on June 10,2014
  • Couldnt pay tickets for careless driving
  • 30 days in Jail
  • He died 17 days later when he was in Jail

Court ruling

  • U.S. District Court Judge Linda V. Parker
  • She discussed of the 14 amendment
  • 14 Amendment is if your born in the united states you're a citizen
  • Judge dismissed 30 defendants including 16 sheriffs deputies
  • Macomb county was sue by david's family
  • 25 to 30 million
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History of inmate

David Stojcevski

  • 32 year old
  • Died June 27,2014
  • He died for no taking his medication
  • Lost weight fast (50 pounds)
  • When he didn't take his medication he couldn't focus and hallucinated
  • When he died he was shaling on the ground and was naked on the floor
  • His family sue the macomb county Jail
  • The family of David Stojcevski should the new the video so people can see what had happen to him and how it was unjustified
  • When he was in jail he was in a health mental cell
  • He had an addiction and need prescription medication