Culture Notes

Adrienne Sidoli

How Guests Treat Hosts

When somebody in France welcomes you into their home, it is customary to bring a gift, of some sort. (Candy, flowers, etc.) You must always be as polite as possible, and never make your host(s) uncomfortable by bringing up subjects like profession and politics.

How to Accept Compliments

Merci (thank you) is the obvious choice when your house is complimented, but there is also C'est Gentil (that's nice of you), Tu trouves (do you think so), etc. If somebody compliments your house in France, your response should be the same if they complimented you hair, or outfit.

Notre-Dame de Chartes

The Notre-Dame is a very well-known Gothic cathedral, and is easily recognized by it's tall and unique towers. It was built in the thirteenth century, and has withstood many violent conflicts without much damage. It has beautiful stain glass windows, intricate and colorful.