Madyson Wood

Career analysis

Positive self-esteem

Its something that gives us strength to go through life without fear of rejection.

Its important to have one because it has the ability to control a lot of things in a person's life. Ex: trust. relationships, & work.

Who am I?

A person who wants to do everything and become successful in the end. I want happiness with my future job, family, house, and social life. I also want people to look up to me because I made a change in the world. I love to sing, act, help people, and run. I don't like to sit quietly in a corner with all of my feelings stuck inside. I let my emotions and thoughts come out.

I am gullible, outgoing, strong, funny, and caring.

When i grow up, i want to be on Broadway.

Personal Learning Style

My best learning style is Musical.

It means i am good with memorizing in song or rhythm. This fits in with me because i am in choir, band, and i do musicals.

Success to Respect & Confidence to Independence.

If you are one time, respectful to others, and you do things when told in your job, you will be successful and you will get respect back.

If you are confident with your work and what you do, you wont have to have someone helping you. You can be independent.

Pride in Work

Pride in work produces passion for your work and a great public image.


I believe personality DOES affect your career choice because if you were happy and exciting as a person, it would be sad to work in a funeral home. You wouldn't want to do something you would hate for the rest of your life.