"That which is not a law"

Early Life of William Lloyd Garrison

He sold home made lemonade and candy as a child. He also delivered wood to help his family company. His father was a merchant sailer in Massachusetts. When William was 3 years old his father abandoned William and his family. His mother struggled to take care of William and his siblings. then he left to go to school. Later on on 1814 he met up with his mom again, then became a shoemaker. But that was to hard for William. http://www.biography.com/people/william-lloyd-garrison-9307251

William The Ambilitionist!

He was an important abolitionist of the 1800s. He met Benjamin Lundy, who was an anti-slavery publisher of "Genius of Emancipation" Who convinced him to be an abolitionist. When he was around 25 years old he joined the African Colonization Group, which was a grip of African Americans And white Americans to Promote Blacks from being slaves. http://www.biography.com/people/william-lloyd-garrison-9307251
Who is William Lloyd Garrison?
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Song of the Abolitionist (I Am an Abolitionist) (1841)