Child Safety

How to Childproof Your Kitchen

6 childproofing tips:

1. Appliances

-Ensure that all of your appliance cords are up and out of your child's reach.

2. Lock up the Cabinets

-Buy quality locks that your little one's won't be able to break open once they're older.

3. Cover Stove and Door Knobs

-If your stove knobs are with-in your baby's reach, be sure to cover them. Additionally, pantry doors should have door knob covers. What your baby sees as a snack can actually be a choking hazard!

4. Keep Sharp Objects out of Reach

-Scissors and other sharp kitchen tools should be kept in higher cabinets. Silverware drawers that cannot be latched should be free of sharp objects that could harm your little one.

5. Beware of the Junk Drawer

-Toothpicks, rubber bands, and twist ties are a choking hazard for your little one. Also, matches, lighters, and glues or other adhesives should NEVER be accessible for your little one!

6. Don't Overlook the Obvious

-Refrigerator magnets, pet food and water dishes, and plastic grocery sacks can all be hazardous for your little one.