One of the most magestic wild cats in the world

Classification of Lynx

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora

Family: Felidae

Genus: Lynx

There is 4 different species of Lynx so no specific Species name is used.

About the Lynx's diet and habbitat.

The lynx is part of the cat (feline) family. There are four different type of lynx that live in different areas. Lynx are mostly found in colder areas of the world. One type of lynx that lives in Canada and Alaska is called the North American lynx. An other lynx that live in Turkestan and central Asia is the Asian lynx. The last lynx is found in Spain and Portugal named the European lynx. The bobcat is an other type of lynx that lives in parts of North America that are warmer. All lynx find their home in rock crevices or under ledges that provides them with protection.The lynx is a carnivore so its diet can range from small mammals like mice and rodents to more challenging animal like deer and elk. Lynx will also hunt for birds and fish when the opportunity strikes. Their keen sense of hearing and sharp sense of eyesight helps them hunt for prey in cold environments. They also have big paws that not only helps them attack prey but also functions to keep them balanced on the snow and ice. A lynx's top speed is up to 50 mph or 80 km/h.

What do Lynxs do?

How Lynx react with each other.

Lynx usually are lonely animal that rest and hunt on their own, however some lynx will hunt and travel together. In late winter Lynx meet up to mate with each other. The female lynx then goes through a gestation period of 70 days and then gives birth to approximately two to six kittens. These kittens will then live with her for around nine months, long enough to last the kittens first winter. After this time they will move out in the wild on their own.

Interesting facts about Lynx

Lynx usually weigh 22 to 55 lbs ( 10 to 25 kg) and are as long as 31.5 to 52 inches.
The Iberian lynx which has been forced to live in the mountains of Spain is endangered.
Human like to kill and skin lynx for their fur.